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Rocky Mountain Flooring services

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If you are looking for a durable flooring solution for high-traffic areas in your residence or business look no further than Rocky Mountain Flooring.  Rocky Mountain offers a blend of the finest rocks and next-gen epoxy solutions from Flexmar  and other proven epoxy solutions that ensure maximum durability and long-lasting beauty.  Keep your preferred areas looking new for years to come with Rocky Mountain Flooring. Your Rocky Mountain floor will not crack, chip, or break.  It will permanently bond to the preexisting floor and can hold up but not limited to 10,000 psi*. We have antimicrobial solutions that protect against mold, odors, mildew, and poisonous gases and radiation such as radon.  Rocky Mountain floors withstand moderate to severe temperature changes that require little to no maintenance*. Here is a look at what kind of flooring services we provide:

  • Cleaning Concrete

  • Colored Concrete

  • Engraving Concrete

  • Polishing Concrete

  • Resurfacing Concrete

  • Stained Concrete

  • Decorative Concrete

  • Finished Basements

  • Garage Floor Coatings

  • Interior Concrete Floors

  • Water Features

  • Concrete Pavers

  • Aurora Epoxy Dust

  • Hard Rock Flooding

  • Historic Repointing

  • Injection Grouting

  • Stone & Terra Cotta Repair

  • Above Grade Waterproofing system

Make Rocky Mountain Your Own

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Authentic Rocky Mountain Hard Rock custom design flooring covers ugly, stained concrete and stone floors permanently and looks new and beautiful, year after year.  We can match any design theme.  There are an infinite number of combinations to choose from! Colors range from lights like whites, darks, reds, purples, any color really!  Create contrast by choosing a floor that will offset your wall color, or match the tones of your floor with other elements of the room.  Also add interest with borders and inlays.  An inlay is a design or pattern that is inlaid into the material of your floor.  This special feature can help you create your desired look, whether it is simple and modern or ornate and elegant.  Personalize your floor from brand names to sports logos to commercial designs, you can customize your epoxy flooring to meet your needs.  Customized designs and logos allow you to truly make a statement with your floor.  With Rocky Mountain Flooring, the design possibilities are endless! Engrave your pre existing floor too!; from wood, to stone, to rock our portable engraving machine is one of a kind.  We can do any design you want on your coffee table, countertop, boardroom tables, benches, and so much more!!!

Benefits with our floors

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Durable and beautiful Rocky Mountain Hard Rock Flooring is an ideal choice for commercial and industrial buildings.  Rocky Mountain's durability and strength makes it ideal for high traffic areas like hallways, entryways, lobbies, and public gathering spaces.  Here are just a few reasons why you should consider Rocky Mountain for your commercial space.

1) Rocky Mountain Floors are engineered for longevity

The proven epoxy ratio creates exemplary strength, durability, and inherent product benefits. Including specially engineered hydrostatic ports technology that allows moisture to escape the flooring, rather than becoming trapped and causing standing water or flooding.

2) Rocky Mountain epoxy is installed over your existing concrete.  

Our master installers perform a visual inspection of the existing concrete to assure suitability of installation.  Then, installers will prepare the existing concrete to ensure maximum bonding of the epoxy to the existing concrete floor.  Rocky Mountain flooring will cover defects, cracks, amd stains in concrete flooring, as well as correct areas that are uneven.

3) Rocky Mountain offers long-lasting beauty

A proprietary, tough topcoat ensures a long-lasting beautiful appearance.  Rocky Mountain Floors are available in a wide variety of colors, including customized stone mixes to match your existing decor or decorating style.  Businesses can use flooring as an extension of their branding by incorporating a custom logo or other flooring inlay.

4) Rocky Mountain is an easily maintained one-time investment 

Rocky Mountain flooring is virtually maintenance-free and cleans easily with a broom, vacuum, hose, pressure washer or damp mop.  Only a periodic cleaning is needed, meaning you will not have to interrupt your daily business for maintenance.

5) Rocky Mountain Floors can reduce work related accidents

Rocky Mountain floors do not crack or chip, and covers cracks and uneven areas in your existing concrete, individuals are less likely to trip and fall.  Rocky Mountain is also unaffected by moisture and eliminates puddles or standing water.

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