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Indoor Stone,Epoxy, And Aurora

Hard Rock Flooring is great for both Residential and Commercial. There is no job too big or too far! Our product is OSHA and ADA approved as a non-slip surface. Our product is designs to:


  • Withstand the test of time in even the most demanding of environments.


  • Hard Rock Flooring can be installed directly over your existing concrete, there is no need for tear out.


  • This is a onetime investment, a permanent fix, no more repainting, re-carpeting, re-tiling or repairing your floor.

What can epoxy and aurora floors do for you??

Epoxy is a great way to make your room have an enhanced feeling
Barber Shops
Epoxy provides an easy to clean surface
Zoo exhibits
Epoxy will make your floor durable to high foot traffic areas with reduce chances of falling
Personalized floors
We can do any color or design you are looking for
Our epoxy can do on any surface including hardwood floors
Dining areas
A great way to make your customers impressed and easy to clean for employees
Durable and reliable epoxy is what we provide to you
Finish your inside
Epoxy can make your hard surface standout and enhance the environment around you
Great for Colleges too
College floors have some the highest foot traffic, with our epoxy it can be durable and easy to clean after messy students
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The custom epoxy floors offered by Rocky Mountain Hard Rock Flooring do more than make your house look good.  Our solutions are comprised of a unique blend of beautiful rocks and next-gen epoxy, poly, stone, and aurora solutions that will make your floor durable in any area installed.  They are extremely easy to clean with little to no maintenance.  For instance if you spill any liquid from water, oils, and most acids we have the solution needed for your floor.  We will schedule a consultation for the products needed to fulfill your flooring needs after the free estimate.  We will never offer you a product not suited for your situation.  An example would be that we would never (unless requested by customer) offer industrial solutions for your laundry room floor or walkway.  If you are interested in doing more of a commercial option click here to view in more detail what our solutions provide on an industrial level.  We will be very specific in asking questions about the area needed done to ensure a match for your residence or place of business, so please be prepared for the consultations.

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Durable and reliable epoxy is what we provide to you