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Repair and Replace 

Do you need to replace or repair cracked, chipped, or fading concrete and stone into something more wholesome and durable?  Look no further than our outdoor epoxy solutions complimented with hard rocks.  We can offer:

  •  To match any preexisting design

  •  Replace the old, dull look and create a new beautiful, complete look at your discretion. 

  •  A non-slip solution that ensures fewer accidents around your pool area. 

  •  Epoxy solutions that feel great beneath your feet

  • Solutions that provide great drainage to reduce and maybe even eradicate puddles on your deck.

Great for Business too

Rocky Mountain Flooring offers fantastic industrial solutions for your outdoor flooring needs.  From loading bays to the front desk we can offer your place of business a flooring solution to match your needs.  Whatever that may be we can do it and also provide services such as repairing concrete, filling cracks in your concrete, and we can do most of the necessary concrete services.  Here at Rocky Mountain Flooring we are dedicated to providing small businesses and corporations alike with a durable yet beautiful flooring solutions to improve the standard of operations in the office or out in the field.  Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate at 406-652-6701.


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